Hamstring and/or Groin Strain

The hamstrings and the Adductor Magnus all attach to the ischial tuberosity, so determining which muscle has the strain can be difficult to discern in acute injuries.

These injuries are two of the most common athletic muscle injuries seen in recreational and competitive sports. The causes of these injuries are continually misunderstood and many attempt to stretch the respective muscles and hope for the best.


Unfortunately, often at the expense of the athlete, this approach doesn’t work very often. The key is to determine the cause of the injury and not to treat the symptoms. Sometimes it can be faulty biomechanics or a lack of flexibility, but many times it can be poor nutrition/hydration and an overload to the tissue that causes injury.
Clinical Pearls For Treatment:
1. Make sure the athlete can activate their glutes and is not relying on their hamstrings to produce hip extension. This is a recipe for disaster with the hamstring always being overworked.2. Don’t stretch the muscle during phases 1-3 of rehab. These stages are designed to protect the injured tissue and stretching is too much tension. If you don’t know what stage of recovery the athlete is in find someone that can properly assess the patitne
*Gentle movement to produce small amount of tension on the muscle should be allowed.

3. Advise the patient to stay active. Stairs, core work, flute activation, hip ABD (decrease hip ADD tone), and upper body exercises can still be performed to allow the athlete to keep their conditioning and have a smooth transition back to their sport once their tissues have healed.



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