Anterolateral Ligament (ALL)

New stuff today that even most therapist will not be too familiar with, since this ligament and surgery technique are less than 5 years old and not practiced by all orthopedic surgeons.


1. ALL, which is seen in the picture and helps to stabilize the knee, especially internal rotation of the tibia which is normally affected with ACL injuries.
2. Internal bracing (think a very strong bungee cord attached with screws) used to augment the strength of ligaments in the knee and decrease future ACL/MCL/LCL/ALL injuries.

Pictured here is the Lateral collateral ligament and in green the anterolateral ligament, which has been reinforced with internal bracing in order to further stabilize the knee after ACL reconstruction.

Lesson: Rehab after an ACL reconstruction with internal bracing may be able to be progressed slightly faster, since the internal bracing will allow for greater knee stabilization and will keep the ACL repair protected. However, return to sport timelines of 9 months – 1 year will still likely remain unchanged due to decreased muscle strength and neuromuscular control.


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